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USS Salt Lake City (CL/CA-25) of the United States Navy was a Pensacola-class cruiser, later reclassified as a heavy cruiser, sometimes known as "Swayback Maru" or "Old Swayback". She had the (unofficial) distinction of having taken part in more engagements than any other ship in the fleet. She was also the first ship to be named after Salt Lake City, Utah.

She was laid down on 9 June 1927, by the American Brown Boveri Electric Corporation, a subsidiary of the New York Shipbuilding Corporation,[4] at Camden, New Jersey; launched on 23 January 1929, sponsored by Helen Budge,[5][6] a granddaughter of leading Mormon missionary, William Budge; and commissioned on 11 December 1929, at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, Captain Frederick Lansing Oliver in command. 


After forty-five months of warfare that included 31 engagements against Japanese sea, air and land forces, the heavy cruiser U.S.S. SALT LAKE CITY is now at her goal, the mainland of Japan, covering landings of the American occupational troops on northern Honshu. The SALT LAKE CITY has credit for sinking or helping to sink 15 enemy vessels: two Heavy Cruisers, a Light Cruiser, a Destroyer, 10 Auxiliaries and a Cargo ship. She damaged at least 10 other Japanese vessels, all Combatant craft, and destroyed or helped destroy 12 planes through 11 "start" operations. She fought in two surface actions In one, off Tropic Cape Esperance, she won the nickname "The One Ship Fleet" in helping rescue the stricken cruiser BOISE. In the other off the Arctic Komandorski Islands, she helped fight to a standstill a Japanese force twice the size of her own. [1] In those battles and in bombardments of 12 Japanese land bases, the SALT LAKE CITY fired more than 6,697,912 pounds of shells (41,833 Rounds); 21,473 rounds (5,582,980 Pounds) from her 10 eight inch guns and 20,360 rounds (1,114,931 pounds) from her eight 5 inch guns in addition to uncounted 40 and 20MM projectiles. Her war cruises total, as of midnight September 25, 1945, 245,748 miles; hours spent underway total 13,618.3; fuel consumed, 29,439,431 gallons. Food consumed by the crew is conservatively estimated at 5,500,000 pounds since December 7, 1941

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