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​How Do I Place An Order?​

Simply use our convenient shopping cart, e-mail, or even call.


Our T-Shirts  

Our shirts are custom made and are printed with fabric ink and are not silk screened.    two weeks are required to complete t-shirts however they are worth the wait.


What is a Giclee?

Giclee (pronounced 'zgee-KLAY') is a method of reproducing art through a printing process very similar to modern ink-jet printers. It has become a very popular method of creating limited edition fine art reproductions. The term derives from the French verb gicler, which means 'to squirt'.

Prior to the advent of giclee printing, the standard method of reproducing art was lithography. Because this process requires the creation of a printing plate, made by scanning and color-separating the art, lithography is a fairly expensive process. The bulk of the cost is in set-up, so to make affordable prints, large numbers are required to amortize the cost over a greater quantity. Hence, lithographs are usually made in runs of at least 500-1000. Lithography is also limited to printing on smooth paper.

Giglee prints can be printed on a number of different media -- watercolors can be reproduced on watercolor paper, for instance, and can be so color-true that they are virtually indistinguishable from the original. Oil paintings can be reproduced on canvas. Because there is no 'plate' as in standard printing processes, the artwork can be scaled up or down in size, limited only by the physical limitations of the giclee printing machinery

Payment and Shipping

We accept Paypal on our web site. And Visa if you call to place an order.  Cost of shipping one t-shirt is $6.50  Two or more shirts increase the cost accordingly.  International shipping is available on a special conditions please email us to find out how.


Returns & Refunds

Returns are postage paid by you for a full refund of the Itiems purchased


Thank you for shopping with us!
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